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Sahara Desert Camps

Located in the heart of the desert of Erg Chabbi, Merzouga. Royal Luxury Camp is your ultimate place for a comfortable and authentic desert experience in Morocco.
Established in 2018, the luxurious camp has presented its brand as one of the most recognizable desert camps by offering a new standard of luxury services.
Spending a night at one of our unique camps will give you a once in a lifetime experience of absolute luxury in the breathtakingly desert environment surrounded by the dramatic landscapes of the giant dunes, as we offer you with a high-class level of hospitality allowing you to step back through history and sample an authentic taste of the life of antique culture of desert nomads, while also enjoying the best facilities on offer.
We endeavor to fly beyond the offerings of a typical hotel to give you a generous treatment immersed in the rich history and courteous hospitality of Moroccan culture at our desert camps.
Simplicity is at the heart of everything we do, represented in the nature-inspired decoration of our tents, which blend modern and antique elements in terms of design, as well as the skills of our staff in giving you the best and high-quality service.

Our guests come to us for an authentic experience of the Berber life. This also includes experiencing all the desert has to offer.
-Maybe a camel trek into the dunes to experience the awe-inspiring desert at sunrise or sunset.
-Perhaps you are the adventurous type and want to experience the desert via 4×4 vehicles or by the quad.
– Or maybe you are into the extreme sand boarding among the giant dunes of the area of Erg Chebbi.

Yes, with Royal Luxury Camp, you can make that happen; our enormous experience in the domain of tourism specializing in the Moroccan Sahara, we have managed to create the best experiences catered to the needs of our clients.

Royal Luxury Camp has three separated private camps; each camp setup comes with two or three tents accompanied with private restaurant and an open space in which you find a fireplace surrounded with wooden chairs and a terrace with stylish Moroccan mosaic table from which you can sit, relax and drink your tea while watching the most charming panoramic view of the dunes.

The Honeymoon Camp
The Privilege Camp

Honeymoon Private restaurant

-The prestige camp has a large private restaurant wherein a maximum of 2 people can have a romantic dinner. The restaurant is equipped with high-quality equipment.
Royal Luxury Camp restaurant makes delicious Moroccan dishes. We offer Tagines, couscous, soups, Berber pizza, Barbecue, salads, omelets, and many other recipes for dinner and breakfast.
-You can enjoy your meals inside the restaurant or on the camp’s terrace overlooking the panoramic view of dunes. In the morning, a delicious full breakfast (buffet for groups) will be served, which includes Moroccan pancakes, bread, coffee, tea, muffins, butter and jam, eggs, yogurt, orange juice, etc.

Berber Tent

-The tent is made of sheep and goat hair; it provides an ideal shelter in the desert. By its woven material allows the air to come in and out smoothly. Hence the tent is enjoyable in summer, though, when it rains, the wool strings get swollen, and the tent becomes waterproof, warm, and pleasant in the winter.
The tent has generous space, decorated with Berber furniture, namely rugs, vintage pillows, antique lanterns, and mosaic tables.

-The Berber rugs are thoughtfully hand-picked and carefully crafted by the Berber women brought and collected from the Mid-Atlas mountain collection. All of our typical rugs are traditionally knotted with wool to maintain its quality and its softness. The carpets are vintage with multi colors and with a variety of symbols that convey meanings in the Moroccan Berber culture.

-In our Berber tent, each pillow is different in design, range of colors, look and feel. They are handmade from thick, quality material. All of our vintage pillows are traditionally knotted with wool and cotton to maintain its quality and its softness.
The pillows are vintage with multi colors and with a variety of symbols that convey meanings in the Moroccan Berber culture.


The camp’s terrace is one of the most desirable and enjoyable places of the camp; from our camp’s terrace, you can enjoy some delicious Moroccan pastry and drink your mint tea while fantasizing by the beauty of the panoramic view of the sun dipping behind the golden dunes. You couldn’t fail to appreciate the unique charm of the spectacular dunes – changing its color with the light as the sun immersing with the giant dune of Erg Chebbi.
The terrace has an outstanding outdoor Moroccan mosaic table with Andalusia tile work turned with comfortable chairs. It is designed with typical Moroccan traditional style known to Morocco for centuries with very simple bright colors of stars and patterns hand cuts tiles by a team of artisans. This table sits up to six people and also eligible for dinner and breakfast.


After a healthy and delicious dinner, the fireplace is one of the mesmerizing spots that most of our guests love to gather around so that to enjoy the tranquility of the night tuned with the nomad’s singings and drums. You cannot beat the magical beauty of the sky full of zillions of stars all shining and bright at once. This desert campfire experience is one of a kind in a lifetime experience.
At the fireplace, we have a bunch of handcrafted and eco-friendly chairs made of laurel wood and palm leaf in which you can use to sit and enjoy watching the bonfire while drinking your beer, chitchatting, and telling stories.

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